June 17, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Silly Symphony Swinging

What once was the Orange Stinger has been transformed into the new Silly Symphony Swings. They officially opened last Saturday, with the premier of the World of Color, but they had a soft opening a couple of weeks ago. The ride, though similar to the Orange Stinger, offers a different and much more "Disney" experience. The music is amazing and can be heard from across Paradise Bay. The new design certainly feels much more in line with the spirit of Disney and the goal of the Disney California Adventure remodel. Did you know that this ride was hand painted? It's a beauty to behold. Standing in line, waiting to ride it for the first time, I looked up and had to take a picture of what I saw. If you are wondering, this is not a true HDR image, but a Pseudo-HDR, which is made from one picture instead of multiple. If you get a chance to ride the swings, I recommend one of the outer seats.

Silly Symphony Swings on Paradise Pier in Disney California AdventurePhoto by Matthew Hansen

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