June 30, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Target Practice

I don't like having change jingling around in my pockets, so this is my favorite way to solve that problem at Disneyland. I really don't recommend playing arcades while visiting Disneyland, but the Shooting Exposition is my one exception. I've always been drawn to games that put your aim to the test. I think it's that it's more rewarding because aim is more of a real skill than dropping a combo with a few buttons and a joystick, or hopping around a dance pad. Not that either of those are bad, they're not. They just don't strike me as a wise use of time while at Disneyland. The Shooting Exposition is different in that it fits with the theming of Frontierland, and is unique in its genre. I've found games like this other places, but none of them compares to Disney's. The look, weight, and feel of the gun are all part of that Disney magic in the details. All the targets you hit provide some sort of cool interaction. If you hit the target in the sky, you'll get a ghost rider riding across it. That's my favorite target to aim for. So if you've got a couple of quarters jingling in your pocket or purse, give the Shooting Exposition a shot.

Shooting Exposition rifle in Frontierland, DisneylandPhoto by Matthew Hansen

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