February 16, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Esmeralda

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Disneyland has now ended its normal operating day. Main Street will stay open one hour after park closing for your shopping convenience. We hope that you have enjoyed your day at Disneyland." After hearing this I thought for a moment. I was in the middle of taking this shot of Walt and Mickey . The spring weather left the night warm, even at 11:00pm. I had to continue. I finished my shot, and snagged a few others. By now, it was 11:30pm. Security still hadn't kicked me out of the park. I strolled down Main Street, by myself, carrying tripod and camera in hand. A few visitors walking out of stores, and to the exit, passed me by. The lights from the Penny Arcade danced and dazzled. I stopped dead center in the middle of the facade. The wind blowing my hair to the side. She didn't say much at first, but then after a second glance, and then a third, I could tell she really wanted her picture taken. I set up, dialed in my settings, and snapped a few shots of the mysterious fortune teller, Esmeralda. It's moments like these that make me feel like a kid again; when Disneyland takes a moment and makes it more then just a theme park. I suddenly felt like Tom Hanks in Big. This wasn't a wishing machine, and I didn't want to become an adult (in fact I never do!), but the overall essence seemed to fill the moment. Thanks Disney.

Fortune Teller Esmeralda on Main Street U.S.A in Disneyland
Photo by Kevin Crone

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