June 14, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - A Double Decker Morning

Getting lost in the hub at Disneyland isn't hard for me. Asking me to leave because I can't stop taking pictures, now that can be a difficult task. Being at Disneyland in the early morning just carries with it a very classic feel. For me, it reminds me of a VHS video I used to watch titled, "A Day at Disneyland." I would watch this video weeks before a trip to Disneyland, endlessly, for days. It was a way for me to get excited and amped up for my trip. Thinking back now, realistically, it was just an obsessive way of seeing the park without really being there. That was the world to me. The video showcased all the lands, starting with Main Street U.S.A. in the morning, moving through all the lands, and finally ending on Tomorrowland at night. Until the day I took this shot, I probably hadn't been to Disneyland in the morning in about a year and a half. While walking in the park that morning, with the smell of pancakes and coffee in the air, and the warm golden glow on my shoulders, I really felt taken back to those times as a kid, when I would wait in wonder about the next time I would have my own "Day at Disneyland."

Disneyland - Omnibus
Photo by Kevin Crone

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