July 18, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Snow White's Bridge

As a kid, I learned all the neat short cuts through Disneyland from my Aunt Christine (who I owe the world to for taking me to Disneyland so many times). So as a teenager, I felt like I knew my way around Disneyland pretty well. This shortcut across Snow White's Bridge offers a sneaky passage through Snow White's Grotto and eventually into Fantasyland. Although, if you are in a hurry, this may not be such a shortcut after all, because on the way you will encounter a wonderfully themed area that is right out of Snow White. In fact when the three of us are in the park, I can't help to sing along with Snow White at her wishing well! No seriously, I do the echos very well.

Disneyland - Snow White's Bridge
Photo by Kevin Crone

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