August 7, 2011

An Artist Who Inspires

There are a number of talented artists who have their work sold at Disneyland. One of our very favorites is Dave Avanzino. He is probably best known for his shadow boxes that feature details from Disney attractions and classics, among other creations. We are only fortunate enough, at present, to have one of his pieces, the Jungle Cruise, seen below. Dave was kind enough to comment on our page with some encouraging words and also to share our page with his Facebook fans. We feel so very blessed and honored to be recognized by an artist who constantly inspires us. If you aren't familiar with his work, you should go visit his Facebook page by clicking here. If you are familiar, then you probably already appreciate it the way we do. If you haven't already become a fan of his Facebook page, you too should head on over and show your support! If you are so inclined, let him know we sent you!

Jungle Cruise Shadow Box by Dave Avanzino
Photo by Michaela Hansen

Daily Photo Tour - A Night at the Matterhorn

I've had this shot for a few months now. It's one of those that I wanted to wait on and it just so happens that after a wonderful evening at Disneyland yesterday, I found myself strongly inspired to go for it. I have always found this pathway to the Matterhorn intoxicating, with the luminous lamps bathing the walkway. The waterfall glistens faintly at night like a silk ribbon dancing in the whimsical night air. With all the warm, gentle glowing, the Matterhorn itself majestically stands, with all the confidence the first Disneyland peak ought to have.

A Night at the Matterhorn - Disneyland
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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