August 16, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Terror at Twilight

As you approach The Hollywood Tower Hotel, you can hear faint screams of riders from the top of the tower. I've always thought there was something very unsettling about this. When you enter the outside queue the music makes you realize you are in another time, a much older, simpler time perhaps. Things begin to change even more as you enter this enormous hotel. You never thought it was possible to have creepier cast members than those of The Haunted Mansion, but they do exist. They seem to reside as bellhops here at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. You enter the belly of the beast and step into the maintenance portion of the building. There is no turning back now. The tension rises even more as you begin to be herded into your “maintenance elevator.” As with all Disney attractions suddenly, you become a number, but this number is just a little creepier. When the anticipation for an attraction is so much that it leaves you frightened to your core, you know you are in for a great ride. As you finally sit down and the ride begins, everything that you have experienced in the queue has had a purpose and a meaning. That is, to bring you to the point of pure terror. But you have nothing to worry about right? You’re only in another dimension. (Insert evil laughter here)

Disney California Adventure - Hollywood Tower Hotel
Photo by Kevin Crone

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