September 22, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Morning at Main Street Station

I felt like a little kid as we entered the park bright and early one morning for the first time since Disneyland began its Halloween Time. My excitement only grew as we made our way through the tunnel and were greeted by this beautiful golden light glistening off the railings and tops of buildings. It didn't take long for us to set our eyes on something to capture. I quickly made my way over to the Disneyland dedication plaque to take my first shot of the day. I soon realized I had completely forgotten to clear my memory cards which caused me to stand there awkwardly fiddling with my camera for a good few minutes. This is actually not all that unusual for me in the morning and let's just say, I am quite the 'suave' photographer sometimes. After I finished fiddling and finally got the shot I made my way over to Matthew at the Main Street Station who was finishing up. As we turned to leave, I was halted by these amazing shadows and warm glow gleaming across the bricks. There was something very tranquil about this vacant bench basking in the morning sun and the tree perfectly framing it, as if to keep it company while awaiting an afternoon visit from a most grateful guest.

Disneyland's Main Street Station in the morning
Photo by Michaela Hansen

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