October 17, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Happiest Halloween on Earth

Even if you're not the biggest fan of Halloween, you can't help but feel some excitement for the season when you come upon these gargantuan gourds and a masked Mickey. The fab five smile down on you as you enter through the gates to the happiest Halloween on Earth and they are just a prelude to the many smiling pumpkins awaiting your arrival. Disneyland has everything your heart could desire for the Halloween season, from pumpkin muffins and popcorn in a casket to Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. There's something for everyone and plenty to keep you busy celebrating the whole month through. It's enough to make even the most stubborn Halloween critic have a good time.

Disneyland Entrance gates decorated for Halloween at night
Photo by Michaela Hansen

Comments (4)

On October 18, 2011 at 9:45 AM , Manda the Witch said...

Did you guys take this last night? We walked past some people taking photos (or waiting to take photos) as the park was closing... =)

On October 18, 2011 at 12:13 PM , Michaela Hansen said...

Hey Manda, I'm sad to say it was not us, I took this a few weeks back. Although, it's nice to hear that we are not alone in our midnight DL photo adventures ;)

On October 19, 2011 at 11:11 AM , Anonymous said...

I love the entire atmosphere of this picture! The trees and the clouds give it that extra spooky halloween feel and the masked mickey behind the gate is the perfect invitation into the happiest haunted place on earth! Great pic you guys!

On October 21, 2011 at 4:49 PM , Michaela Hansen said...

Thank you! They always do such a great job with the Halloween decor.