December 7, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Golden Gate and Garland

Gone but not forgotten. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of my favorite things at Disney California Adventure during Christmas. The mini icon was always fun but to see it dressed up in garland and lights... well, that's something San Francisco hasn't got. Sometimes change can be tough, especially when we've developed a fondness with what's familiar. Admittedly, I am a sentimental person and change is something that I don't always enjoy. Then I remember that change has to happen. Things have to change, to move, to grow, to pass on and to start again. Life is a constant continual cycle of beginnings and endings. Beginnings are almost always exciting, fragrant with the fresh aroma of hope and bustling with the energy of optimism. Endings are often bittersweet. What makes change easier is the understanding that what has changed is never really lost. We can carry it with us, if we choose to, by remembering. In that way it's almost as if change were life's way of recycling or repurposing, if you will, and what we are left with are memories.

Golden Gate and Garland - Disney California Adventure
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On December 8, 2011 at 11:18 PM , Ryan A. said...

great angle on this picture! it really creates a sense of grandeur that i didn't always associate with the golden gate bridge at DCA. awesome work, as always!

a quick question for you all... do you have a lot of photos of DCA pre-construction (DCA 1.0 as some call it?) and do you think we'll get to see more of them? i was looking at all of your pictures and i loved seeing the old letters at the front, the maliboomer in your WOC pics, and the golden gate bridge, etc.

though DCA wasn't perfect, i love how your pictures captured the park as it was and preserve it, in a way. perhaps a DCA retrospective of what's gone before the "new" DCA and buena vista street opens up next year? :)

On December 9, 2011 at 12:15 PM , Anonymous said...

Awesome Pic....