January 8, 2012

iPhone Wallpapers

We are very pleased to announce that we have launched the beginnings of a Tours Departing Daily iPhone Wallpaper Gallery. Sometimes you just want Disneyland right there on your phone's wallpaper, right? Well we hope that we've made it easier for those of you with iPhones to have just that. You can get there by clicking here. We'll be putting up a bigger and shinier link on our sidebar soon. We'll also be expanding to have an iPad Wallpaper gallery in the very near future, so watch for that!

Daily Photo Tour - Get Ready Screamers

I love roller coasters and I'm grateful that Disney California Adventure has one. But it's not just any roller coaster. It's California Screamin'. It features so many wonderful elements I often wonder why the line isn't longer than it is. As you make your way through the queue, the anticipation builds. Trains keep leaving the station, returning and leaving once more until, finally, it's your turn. You step down into the car and pull the shoulder restraints over you. They click into place to assure you of your safety, but just to double check a ride attendant gives it a good pull. Then comes the "go ahead". You leave the station only to stop again over the water. A somewhat antagonistic voice comes over a set of loud speakers instructing, "Get ready screamers!" and in an instant, the massive train you're in is launched without hesitation. It's a marvel and I love the anticipation. It's awesome to think that we live in a world where brilliant people can apply their intelligence to facilitate an amusement that brings satisfaction to the brave and daring. Are you ready?

Get Ready Screamers - Disney California Adventure
Photo by Matthew Hansen

Comments (3)

On January 8, 2012 at 9:23 PM , Drew said...

"Somewhat antagonistic," eh?...

On January 9, 2012 at 3:41 PM , David Rockoff said...

request - can you post a city hall iphone wall paper, please?! :)

On June 13, 2012 at 11:05 PM , Bessie Hurst said...

Wow! When I was younger WDW was everything for me! Best place to visit and to have fun at. And I'd kill for wallpapers like these ones....if I had the iPhone then, of course;) Great idea, actually - that's what I'm trying to say!