March 9, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Disneyland at One O'Clock in the Morning

This is Disneyland at one in the morning. A sight I have never quite seen before. Main Street is usually completely empty at this time. A few stragglers, and photographers making their way out of the park are usually common, but not this. This my friends was pure and utter chaos. Now imagine every hour, on the hour, classic hits and upbeat being music poured out of the hidden speakers on Main Street U.S.A. Even moments before this a conga line ensued around the entire hub. I uncontrollably jumped in...By myself...While Matthew and Michaela watched. What's a guy gotta do to get his friends in the conga line!? Main Street and the Hub were bursting with excitement. It will definitely be something I will remember for years to come!

Disneyland - Main Street USA
Photo by Kevin Crone

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