May 12, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Enchanted Mornings

The inspiration for this picture evolved directly from a Disney artist whom I admire greatly. His paintings, for me, evoke that magical feeling you get when visiting Disneyland. George Scribner started his career at Disney as a character animator. He's worked on films such as The Lion King and Fantasia. He directed Oliver and Company, and is currently commissioned by the Republic of Panama to paint the various construction phases of the Panama Canal Expansion. He's painted many scenes of Disneyland that are some of my favorite pieces of art that reside inside the galleries around the Resort. One of those paintings is a scene of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. When I first saw the painting I thought that the actual angle of the attraction didn't exist. But after a few moments of pacing back and forth like a crazed maniac across the Frontierland entrance bridge, I found the angle. Inspiration is funny. It comes and it goes, but it's always reinforced by other artist's creations.

Photo by Kevin Crone

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