June 9, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - A Morning with Walt and Mickey

There just isn't anything that compares to a morning at Disneyland. Being in the park early when the first few rays of sun are glistening over the partners statue really is magical. It's moments like these that really make you stop and just stare. I cannot tell you how amazing the blossoms are in the spring. The center of the hub is definitely my favorite spot in Disneyland. My love for this area is magnified even more during the early morning hours. It is just plain beautiful.

Photo by Kevin Crone

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On June 9, 2012 at 7:06 AM , Michael in Phoenix said...

Kevin, I share your appreciation for the hub. Along with it's beauty and the nostalgia it inspires, I am always amazed at how that area exemplifies Walt's desire to create a park that was truly special and different than any other. That area doesn't make any money! It is not there to take a ticket, charge a fee, use a fast pass or generate income of any kind for the park. It's there because Walt wanted a beautiful, unique place that is truly a "park" in the purest sense. Thanks for a great shot that captures the essence of Walt's vision. It's fine work!