July 24, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - The Magic Shop

I remember the first time I saw a magic trick. I was completely amazed, and like any other curious child, I wanted to know how it worked. It wasn't very long after that, that I received my first box of magic tricks. For me, there is just something about seeing another thing so unusual, or so amazing that it makes me want to do it myself, so I can amaze other people. As a kid, magic was this very thing. I remember trying to do tricks on my parents, or friends, and even setting up a whole show for my younger cousins when they would come to visit. As an adult, I still see myself trying to do the same thing. Although, I think I may have traded in the top hat and wand for a tripod and camera at some point. Either way, I guess I'm still trying to impress someone.

Disneyland - The Magic Shop
Photo by Kevin Crone

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