October 12, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Through the Changing Leaves

I'm really starting to get in that autumn spirit. Is there one? I think so. For me, it involves completely changing my wardrobe. Shorts to pants, shirts to long sleeves. Finally pulling that year old jacket out of the closet, or a reason to buy a new one. Leaving the window open at night to closing it and adding a few more blankets to the sleep machine. The iced caramel macchiato has turned into a hot caramel macchiato which means minus one espresso from my morning routine. That's definitely not good. But it also means seeing amazing scenes of the Mark Twain steaming away through a tree of changing leaves. The changing atmosphere of fall has always given me a sense of something to look forward to. Autumn has always been that season of change for everyone. I can't wait to see what this winter season has in store.

Photo by Kevin Crone

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