May 27, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Bones of Thunder Mountain

The first time I rode on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I was small enough to fit between my mom and dad in one seat... sort of. I remember hearing so many interesting sounds and feeling the rush of wind against my face. What I don't recall is seeing anything except for these bones. I was far too busy being made into the kind of sandwich that had mistakenly been sat on on the way to school, with a slice of mom on one side and a slice of dad on the other. As a child, I was frustrated. I felt like I had missed out. But it is just that kind of memory that fills me with gladness and brings me back to Disneyland time and again. And you can bet when I have a child who is sort of small enough to fit between my wife and me, we'll be headed straight for the "wildest ride in the wilderness" to have ourselves a sandwich.

Disneyland - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Frontierland
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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