May 11, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Closing Main Street

Main Street at night is just one of those places unlike anywhere else on the planet. Hot fudge sundae's on a hot summer night, fireworks, screaming kids, cotton candy, sleeping toddler's, ragtime piano, screaming kids, popcorn and soda, the sound of the Disneyland limited pulling into the station, screaming kids... But at the end of the night everyone begins to move out of Disneyland and eventually out of Main Street, and something truly magical happens. There is a sense of contentment and peace, a sense of happiness. I imagine it as if Walt was there, walking down the street after all the families and children had left. Walking his park, and just enjoying the sense of amazement and amusement he had given to so many people that day.

Main Street, Disneyland at closingPhoto by Kevin Crone

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