June 24, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - The Gallery at Disneyana

I love walking leisurely through the shops on Main Street. It's so relaxing, and kind of a nice break from the hustle and bustle that sometimes overtakes Disneyland. This gallery inside Disneyana is definitely my favorite part. It's filled with beautiful art that's always being switched out with other beautiful art, so you can bet to see something new every time you stop in. It also happens to be right next door to a coffee shop, so the aroma of fresh coffee creeps in to combine two of my favorite things, art & coffee, for a magical experience. The cast members in Disneyana are wonderful too. When I set up for this shot, patiently waiting for an empty gallery, it drew some attention and gave the gang and me an opportunity to speak with a great cast member whose name I believe was Jimmy. He really engaged us in sincere conversation, and we had a really nice time talking with him. If said cast member reads this and I have gotten your name wrong, I'm very sorry. You are cool, even if my name remembering skills are not.

The Gallery at Disneyana on Main Street in DisneylandPhoto by Matthew Hansen

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