July 28, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Fortune Red

Step right up to have your fortune read by Fortune Red! I did, and he told me that people want some pirate pictures. So I asked him to smile for me, and this is what I got. If you get the feeling that you're about to be made into an adult who has a sweet job testing toys, you're not alone. Fortune Red and his Main Street counterpart, Esmeralda, both emanate a slightly Zoltar feeling. If you don't follow, I'm referencing the Tom Hanks move "Big". I think these Disneyland fortune tellers are amazing, funny, and a lot less creepy than Zoltar. If you're not sure where to find Fortune Red, you're not alone again. While I was taking this picture, a woman thought I was trying to take a picture of a bathroom! People can be so weird, right? Fortune Red is tucked away across from Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square. Pay him a visit next time you're headed that way. He'll help you unlock the buried treasure of your future.

Fortune Red In New Orleans Square, DisneylandPhoto by Matthew Hansen

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