July 20, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - It's Not Over Yet

For those who may not know, Disneyland celebrated its 55th birthday on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and very hot. In all that heat, getting passes for World of Color seemed a good idea. We didn't bring our cameras to the show this time, and got ourselves right up in front of the water. Each of us noticed a ton of details we had never seen before. It's a different experience each time we see the show, which always seems to get us even more excited for the next time. The mist factor was a lot less than I was expecting with being so close, but it felt really good after all the sun exposure we had gotten. This shot is one of my favorite parts in World of Color. It comes shortly before the end of the show, and the lasers that generate the words are just so vibrant and crisp. If you get a chance to get to the show and don't mind getting a little wet, I strongly recommend getting as close to the water and the middle as you can. The view is spectacular.

World of Color at Disney California AdventurePhoto by Matthew Hansen

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