August 9, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - 21 Royal Street

To be honest, I have never seen this sign before. But it caught my attention when I saw it. I don't know, there is just something about it. I began to do a little research and through my curiosity found some interesting information. The "Royal Suite" above pirates and most of New Orleans Square, formerly the Disney Gallery, was being designed for VIP's that came to the park in the early 1960's. It would be a place Walt could bring the 'big wigs!' After Walt's passing, it turned into a place for the Insurance Company of North America (INA) to host their clients after a day in the park. They renamed the apartment, '21 Royal Street', after the address it's entrance was on. In 1974, Disney International moved in using the space for offices, and entertaining international executives when visiting Disneyland. Due to the overwhelming crowds in front of Pirates of the Caribbean, Tony Baxter designed the large curved staircases in front of Pirates, and the bridge that crosses over the queue. A new entrance had been made for the newly designed Disney Gallery. It was until 2007 that the Gallery was moved, and the space was turned into the current, Disney Dream Suite. Whew. Quite a legacy. Sometimes it's the little nooks and crannies of Disneyland that tell some interesting stories.

Royal 21 Street Sign in New Orleans, DisneylandPhoto by Kevin Crone

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