September 29, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Next Stop New Orleans

Trains are amazing. Trains in New Orleans Square are even better. As a kid, my favorite part of climbing aboard the Disneyland Railroad was getting to see the Grand Canyon and Primeval World. As an adult, I continually find myself skipping the grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom and just hitching a ride to New Orleans Square. I still love the full tour and occasionally I make it all the way, but hanging around the New Orleans station is the bees knees. Outside all the charm of the French Quarter and the allure of Pirates and Grim Grinning Ghosts, I believe this train station to be responsible for much of the magic and attraction to this land. From the telegraph office, Walt's opening day speech tirelessly taps out through the air in Morse code, and it sets the tone.

This picture was a little tricky to get. Trains have a tendency to move, which of course was what I wanted, but it demands a commitment to post-processing. The only place to get this angle that I'm aware of is from the exit only area, which can be risky. I had been wanting to get this shot for a while, but a request for it sealed the deal. Elvis, this one's for you.

Next Stop New Orleans
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On September 29, 2010 at 6:07 PM , Gerard Ciani said...

Sweet picture dude!