October 21, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Tropical Imports

Sometimes you just really need a banana. If that's the case, this would be a great place to get one. Not only because a fresh produce stand resides underneath this sign, but because this is Adventureland and bananas just feel more authentic here.

This shot was a result of one of those times when you're just strolling through the park and something that you see stops you in your tracks. I love the way Adventureland looks this time of day, when the sun is still high enough that its light wanders through the leaves but can't quite reach the ground.

Tropical Imports shop in Adventureland, Disneyland
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On October 21, 2010 at 3:19 PM , Kevin Crone said...

Just realized this is the 100th post. Free trip to Walt Disney World? ;)