December 17, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - It's a Small World Holiday

It might be safe to say that for me, this is the most Christmas lights I have ever seen adorning a building. It's a little mind blowing when you first walk up. And I have to admit, this is my first year seeing It's a Small World in its mighty display of epicness. Yes, I just used the word epicness. You gotta head down to the Disneyland Resort to check it out. It truely is something you have to see to believe!

It's a Small World lit up for Christmas at Disneyland
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On October 18, 2011 at 1:33 PM , Cait said...

I absolutely love the colors in this shot. The lights are reflecting off of the clouds and really draw the sky into the picture. It really amazes me how much your nighttime scenes look like paintings; it just adds to that magical effect that Disneyland has, and I'm so glad you are all able to emphasize that with your photographic skills ^_^