March 28, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - A Night at the Grizzly River Mill

This is one of my absolute favorite settings in all of the Disneyland Resort. I have probably taken hundreds of pictures of this spot, never quite capturing what I wanted. Strangely enough, it had never occurred to me to take a picture of this area at night. I think that doing so afforded me the fresh perspective I needed to tap into that right brain creativity and convey the feeling this area brings me. We often lose our understanding and appreciation of things when they've become too familiar. It takes breaking out of our habits sometimes to return to a state actually living instead of simply being alive.

Disney California Adventure - Grizzly Peak - Golden State
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On March 29, 2011 at 2:10 AM , Anonymous said...


I agree with you night shout are the best that you can do why because of the felling that it give us when you see the same thing in day time. It's one of those felling that when you have taken the shout you can say wow I never new it would be like that at night. I have taken many night shout at night at W.D.W. and every time I can see something new there at night that I do not see it the daytime and there is something about night shout that is so beautiful that you can resist, hope you will continued in that fashion. They are just superb, THANK YOU for sharing.

Andre R. MICKEY Lambert (FACEBOOK)

On March 30, 2011 at 1:05 AM , Jennie said...

I must say that seeing your photos has really made me want to just spend a day or two at DL walking around taking in all the amazing sights there are too offer. You truly take things that seems so ordinary and make them extraordinary again. It's like seeing them for the first time and really reminds me of Walt's vision for this park when it first opened.

Thank you so much.

On April 1, 2011 at 5:35 PM , Matthew Hansen said...

@ Andre - Thank you so much! Night shot's really do have a unique, almost magical feeling to them.
@ Jennie - Wow. It's really amazing to hear that our work gives you the desire to spend time taking things in at the park and brings back a little of the magic. What an encouragement. Thank you!