April 9, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Illuminating Space Mountain

In the grand scheme of things I still don't understand why Disney changed the color of Space Mountain to the golden hue it once was during the 1990's. I do know that when I heard it was going back to its original white, I was ecstatic! Space Mountain has always been one of my favorite rides in Disneyland. I find that for me, the best time to ride is in the afternoon. I like the effect that the difference in light plays on my eyes. During the day, your eyes are adjusted to daylight, when you finally get on the ride, your eyes are still not adjusted to the dark ambiance. That my friends gives you quite a unique ride in space! Although the ride during the day may be more thrill, nothing beats the glow and illumination of Space Mountain at night.

Disneyland - Space Mountain
Photo by Kevin Crone

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