June 30, 2011


Google+ seems to be all the buzz right now, no pun intended. If you're not sure what Google+ is, it's Google's new social network, along the same idea as Facebook. Since it's still in trial mode, you have to be invited to join. We shamelessly sought out some invitations and were able to get on with last night's "gold rush" which caused Google to shut down invites and the effects of the demand for Google+ seemed to stretch all the way to Blogger, delaying our post. We would really love to see all our Tours Departing Daily friends have a strong presence, so tomorrow we will shoot out some invites on our Facebook page. The way it works is that you share your e-mail address so that we can send you an invitation. We ask that you only do this on the special status update that we post to our Facebook page specifically for this. We are not sure exactly how many invites we will be able to share, but what we've observed is people sharing five invites. If we are able to do more, we will. We ask that people who get an invite pay it forward on our Facebook page with posts of their own, sharing their invites with more of the Tours Departing Daily community. We think this will be big, so we're excited to be on the cutting edge with you in this. So stay tuned!

Daily Photo Tour - Gateway to Tomorrowland

The Astro Orbitor launches in Tomorrowland almost every 5 minutes. That's a lot of launches. I caught one of those last launches one night, while meandering through Disneyland looking for a new angle, something untouched, a new discovery if you will. I entered Tomorrowland from a whole new perspective and found exactly what I was looking for.

Gateway to Tomorrowland - Disneyland
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On July 1, 2011 at 6:37 AM , Kelly Anderson said...

Oh my gosh - this is so cool! I know that sounds sort of childish, but that's exactly what I thought first. The colors and the movement are gorgeous! You've kind of created even more magic than we can see in Disneyland.

I will say though, I very much miss seeing your camera settings on each post! Is there a reason you've stopped posting them? I was actually trying to learn a bit from your site and I was using your settings as a benchmark for playing around with my camera the last time I went to Disneyland. I'd love to see them again, if you three are willing to show them.