June 17, 2011

Two Hundred Thousand Pageviews & Beyond

We are about to hit 200,000 pageviews here at Tours Departing Daily and we can't begin to say thank you enough. Thank you for visiting our site, sharing your encouraging comments and allowing us to share our creative works with you. It means so much to us and we consider ourselves very blessed. Here's looking forward to sharing in more Disney magic with you.

Daily Photo Tour - Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

Late night lingering at the Partners statue is one of those really magical experiences at Disneyland. It's wonderful to sit there in the hub anytime, but when the stars can be seen above the radiant glow of a tranquil Sleeping Beauty Castle, it's different. Walt and Mickey stand there, a testament that dreams really can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. And the notion of wishing upon a star greets you like an old friend.

Walt and Mickey Partners Statue in front of Disneyland Castle
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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