June 18, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Rainbow Caverns Forgotten

As I have said many times, this may be one of the most peaceful spots in all of the Disneyland Resort. The lush trees here provide adequate shade from the scorching sun, and unfortunately not too many people seem to stop and take in the atmoshpere. But for those of you that have, I'm sure you've looked over into the pond and seen that pesky fish making jumps out of the water. You may have even wondered why there is a random tunnel smack dab in the middle of it all. Well, once upon a time there existed a mine train attraction much different then the current Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was called Rainbow Caverns Mine Train and was a slow moving journey through The Living Desert, a portion of the ride that commemorated Walt Disney's True Life Adventure Series, and then traveled into The Rainbow Caverns, which for it's time was definitely a spectacle to see. The tunnel located at the center of this picture was part of the path that the mine train traversed. I still stand at this bridge looking around me, wondering what the landscape looked like when Walt Disney was still alive, what it looked like when Disneyland first opened, and how much it has morphed and changed today. For those of you that remember these times, it must be something very special to you.

Disneyland - Frontierland
Photo by Kevin Crone

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