July 11, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - A Field of Flowers

So it may be more of a bed than a field, but the flowers at the Disneyland Resort could certainly fill a field. These flowers were in Paradise Pier back in the Spring. It didn't seem like they were there for long before the next batch of beautiful flowers was brought in. It's amazing to me how seamless the transitions are. An entire bed of flowers will be completely transplanted, yet without prior knowledge, you would never know those particular blooms hadn't been there all along. It's one of those details I get excited for with each trip to the park, to see what those creative geniuses will have planted next.

Flower bed at Disney California Adventure
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On September 5, 2012 at 7:37 AM , Tonya Peterson said...

My cousin works for the horticulture dept at Disneyland and I love hearing about how they plant the beds. It is so interesting. Beautiful