August 23, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - An Afternoon at the Mountain

The Matterhorn seems to glimmer in any light. It must be the snow caps that give it that glisten and glow. The first thing I look for when I get close to Disneyland is the Matterhorn. It's the easiest to spot from far away, and let's me know that I'm close. I grabbed this shot of the mountain during a summer afternoon recently. We had just entered the queue and the waterfall was very inviting. As I'm sure you already have found out, they just recently updated the bobsleds on the mountain. The classic seat belts have been replaced by lap bars, the sleds have a new look, and the awkward double lap seating has been replaced with single seats for each rider. I'm excited to see the changes the next time we are at Disneyland.

Disneyland - Matterhorn
Photo by Kevin Crone

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