August 5, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Jungle Cruise Log Book

Have you ever taken a stroll through the Jungle Cruise queue at night? The ambiance is in a category all it's own. The lighting is very soft and simple. It's perfect. I had been wanting to get a shot of this log book in the ticket office for quite some time. I just love the classic feel that the Jungle Cruise portrays. It seems even more classic with the soft glow and atmosphere at night. And something even more classic, is a ride along the Jungle's rivers at night! I had the amazing opportunity recently to take the very last cruise of the night. My girlfriend and I had an amazing day together at Disneyland, and decided to end with The Jungle Cruise that night. It must have been 11:55 when we boarded the Congo Queen. The loading skippers waited until exactly 12am, and then uttered those very famous words, "Hit it skip!" We then embarked on what would be one of the most magical, and memorable cruises I have ever had.

Disneyland - Jungle Cruise
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On August 14, 2011 at 4:47 PM , christina said...

Great shot! I actually worked at Disneyland a few years ago and learned that when the new Cast Members finish their training and become full-fledged Skippers they sign their names in this Log Book. So that is what the writing in the book is.

On September 8, 2011 at 3:44 PM , Kevin Crone said...

Oh wow! That is so cool! Did not know that. :D