August 11, 2011

New Pictures of the Three Amigos

We've updated the Three Amigos page with some new pictures. We've also put the links to our pages at the top of the sidebar to make them a little easier to find. Go check them out!

Daily Photo Tour - Welcome to Disneyland

This sign brings back so many fond memories for me. Although a bit different from the original Disneyland sign, it carries a similar charm. As a child, I remember being filled with such excitement as we came upon the sign for Disneyland because it meant we had finally arrived at the happiest place on earth. Some of my earliest memories are of me and my family bundled up in our Mickey ponchos watching the rain fall on Main Street, dancing with my sisters at the Plaza Gardens, and falling asleep on my father's shoulder as the Main Street Electrical Parade made it's debut. All these memories encompassed by a simple sign, a place where joyous and unforgettable moments are created everyday and everything in life seems that much sweeter. Welcome to Disneyland.

Disneyland Sign located in the Esplanade of the Disneyland Resort
Photo by Michaela Hansen

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