August 31, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

We hang out at the Frontierland bridge a lot, which lends itself to seeing things in new ways. We were hanging out one evening and this section of track really struck me. The way the amber light from the lanterns glistened on the rails as they curved and twisted for a wild ride. The bright bluish hue on the wood in the foreground contrasting sharply against the amber. Moments of complete calm before a mine train comes barreling through loaded with guests, screaming and laughing. It was easy to get lost in this picturesque scene of wild west adventure.

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness - Disneyland
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On August 31, 2011 at 10:54 PM , Christian said...

Wow, another amazing shot of Thunder. I love how it looks so different at just a few degrees away from the shot of the train coming straight at the camera.