October 29, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Halloween Hoe-Down

Halloween can sometimes be thought of as a diabolical holiday filled with evil spirits and gruesome characters, but not at Disneyland. During Halloween Time, there is a sense of wacky spirit and goulish fun throughout the park. It's surprising to see such a holiday turned into a great time for families and young children. There are only few days left to experience the wonder of Halloween Time at Disneyland.

Singin' Scare-Dy-Crow

Disneyland - Halloween Time
Photo by Matthew Hansen

The Sleepy Hollow

Disneyland - Halloween Time
Photo by Michaela Hansen

A Haunted Entrance

Disneyland - Halloween Time
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On October 30, 2011 at 8:31 AM , Terry said...

I love your collection of photos today. Just noticed on A Haunted Entrance that Mickey's ears are orange. Awesome! The detail and care that goes into the holiday decorations never fails to amaze me.

It will be sad to soon not see all these great Halloween pictures. But I know that your Christmas pics will be just as wonderful. Looking forward to those. Thanks for sharing.