November 29, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - Christmas in California

It's always interesting during the middle of December and the weather is still in the 70's. It occasionally reminds me that maybe us Californian's are an unfortunate bunch as we don't get to experience a real Christmas in the snow, or with the extremely cold weather. But, then again, Christmas isn't all about the weather now is it? Being close to family and friends is always at the center of the Holidays. But, I guess the cold weather does help to get everyone indoors all cozy in front of the fire!

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Photo by Kevin Crone

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On November 30, 2011 at 2:31 PM , Charlie said...

Hi ! I'm French , and I just wanted to say that it's not true . It's just an idea , we don't seat in front of the fire with all our family. But i'd like to , it would be great to do that . And yes when it's snowing that's great , specialy when you're at Disneyland Paris . I hate cold! You're lucky , you're always tan. Everyday it's summer . =) You're doing a really good job ! I also love HDR and Disneyland , I'm studying Photography in Paris and I can say you're all really good at it ! I hope one day I'll see Disney in California. Wish you all the best ! oh ! and I'm sorry if I've made some mistakes in my notes . =/