April 9, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - A Daring Journey

It may sound silly, but sometimes taking photos at the Park is a daring journey that requires you to be brave. You have to be willing to take chances and occasionally to stand your ground. I've had whole families sit nearby and make fun of me while I wait ten or fifteen minutes for an area to clear for a shot or the lighting to be just so. One would think that, at Disneyland, people would have something better to do, yet in nearly two years of daily photo tours, there's almost nothing left that surprises. Fortunately we are blessed to share our images with kind folks like you, who share our sense of wonder for the original Magic Kingdom. Sometimes bravery is required in the form of trying something new, pushing yourself not to fall into some sort of pattern and continue growing. Once you become comfortable with something, it's easy to want to stay there. It's easy but never satisfying. One thing I love about Disney's classics is their ability to express virtues and values so clearly. Pinocchio would have us use our conscience as our guide and to believe that no request is too extreme, if your heart stands firmly behind your dream. Of course, both of these ideals require bravery, something Pinocchio had to find along his daring journey and surely something we all must find along our own.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey in Fantasyland at night
Photo by Michaela Hansen

Comments (3)

On April 9, 2012 at 10:10 PM , Anonymous said...

Love the picture and love your words! Keep taking those daring journeys - we all love the outcome!!

On April 9, 2012 at 10:25 PM , Samantha said...

I can't believe that people, families would make fun of you for taking a photo. Disneyland is a place where we are all free to be kids again and surround ourselves with the magic of one man's dream. Why ruin someone else's magical day? I usually get exasperation from my husband when I am waiting to take a shot. Your work is so wonderful, as the comment above stated: Keep taking those daring journeys!

On April 10, 2012 at 7:06 AM , Terry said...

Hi Michaela...Super picture! The colors are amazing against the night sky. Anonymous and Samantha share my thoughts exactly. I think those people who make fun of you should probably visit that other park down the road. Disneyland is a place of wonder,imagination, magic and dreams. I feel sad for those people who can't understand that. Thank goodness for you, Matt and Kevin who share your joy and passion with all of us who love Disneyland and Walt's dream to make people happy.