April 10, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - The Storm Ends Over the Caribbean

After a stormy day of rain and cold, the last few passengers board Pirates of the Caribbean. I couldn't of asked for a more fitting scene as I scurried by the entrance a few weeks ago. This night had been full of many solo excursions, one of which included a search to find an authentic Toy Story Woody, and several of which involved feeding my stomach. This time, it was the tummy that needed attention!

It was very near to closing, and the line at the churro cart in the hub was over ten people long, so I decided to trek back to New Orleans Square in hopes that the line would be shorter! On the way I came upon the scene you see here. I couldn't help but notice how similar the stormy weather made the outside entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean look like a scene from the inside of the ride. Churro's meant nothing at this point and it was time to take some pictures! I eventually came upon a lonely and empty churro cart. Disappointment quickly ensued, but then evolved into a drive to get back to the other churro cart before closing. Let's just say when I finally got there I bought enough churro's for me and Woody.

Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On April 10, 2012 at 6:27 PM , LynneAnne said...

Thank You for my new desktop background picture, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!

On April 11, 2012 at 11:48 AM , Roger Colton said...

I enjoyed a night like that myself in the same neighborhood not too long ago. Wonder if we were there at the same time? http://www.theblueparrot.info/round-midnight/