June 19, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Driving Backwards

Sounds silly doesn't it? Driving Backwards? Well, Mater is a silly character, but he sure does know what he's talking about when he says, "No need to watch where I'm goin', just need to know where I've been." A large brick hit me when I heard Mater say this for the first time while watching Cars in the theater. A metaphorical brick that is. I tend to watch my movies in structurally sound establishments. If we can learn from our mistakes, and correct issues we've had in the past, it will make future situations much easier to handle. I believe that we grow through trials and become stronger people because of them. If we know where we've been, we'll know exactly where to go in the future.

Cars Land- Tow Mater
Photo by Kevin Crone

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On June 20, 2012 at 8:26 AM , Steve Burns said...

This is just fantastic! Perfect processing here.