August 15, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Grease Lighting

Some days of shooting pictures at the Disneyland Resort are about telling a story. Some are about meandering to see what catches your eye. Other days are about finding light. This picture was a result of the latter. The glow on just about everything in Cars Land during the late afternoon is stunning.

On a side note, naming each picture is kind of a process in itself. Sometimes you have a thought about an image when you take it and sometimes you don't have a clue. I often try to find a title that is amusing and clever (at least to myself...) Tonight I thought of naming my picture "Grease. Monkey Not Included". Chuckling at myself, I proudly asked Michaela, "What do you think I'm going to name this?" She replied, "I don't know, 'Grease Lighting'?" After a brief moment of watching my popped balloon fly about the room, I knew she'd won and gladly claimed her thought for my own! Now off to do the hand jive...

Grease Lighting at Flo's Cafe in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On August 16, 2012 at 5:59 AM , Davelandweb said...

I love neon, but the way the sunlight is hitting that sign is even better! Where will you be performing the Hand Jive?