March 12, 2013

Daily Photo Tour - Resting in Frontierland

Oh to rest. To sit upon a bench in Disneyland. To sit in the sun and just relax. I'd love to just sit without any tax. With the bright dancing rays upon my face, oh how I long for such a place. A place to just sit on a bench and rest. It is without a doubt the very best. To take an entire day off and just sit on that bench, I would do it in an instant without regret. I'd buy a large soda and a sweet tasty churro, and reminisce for a while about how Walt Disney's my hero. I'd sit for so long that my butt might get quite sick, but I know I'd make it through both Fantasmics. I'd sit on a bench but not a fence. I'd sit on a bench but not a wrench. If Tony Baxter walked by I would not arise, If John Lasseter were to pass I would not even gasp. But If Mickey Mouse strolled by I'd have a fit, I would quickly shout out, "Go ahead please sit!" I'd talk for a while about how my life has changed, how in just three years it's been rearranged. I'd tell a story of adventure that's been nothing but joy, and he'd probably exclaim a famous, "Oh boy!" You see it's moments like these that are at most perfection, the times to sit in quiet reflection. To think of the past, and how far you've come, to dream about the possibilities and then some. See, a bench is not just a bench although it may seem, it's really a spot to think and dream. To re-imagine your life on the great grand scheme, to really believe you can accomplish anything. All you need to pursue your own dreams is courage and hope. Oh! And one last catch, a Disneyland bench.

Frontierland Bench - Disneyland
Photo by Kevin Crone

Comments (2)

On March 17, 2013 at 9:37 PM , Carissa Rupe said...

*Sigh* I loved this from the lighting of the bench to the quirky little verse with all the rhyming. This picture is great and the reflection is equally as great. Thank you very much Kevin for you imagination and amazing eye!

On March 28, 2013 at 7:49 AM , Sean and Janet Eyring said...

I was going to "pass" on reading the commentary when I saw this big blocky paragraph, but I'm glad I didn't. Very clever indeed. Favorite rhyme = churro-hero! :)