May 1, 2013

Daily Photo Tour - Hidden Beneath the Foliage

Tucked away so concealed within the jungles of Adventureland rests The Temple of the Forbidden Eye. I love Adventureland because it is cozy, and oh so very green. The midway opens and narrows at various points, allowing foot traffic to funnel, and then breathe. That's just the character of Adventureland, and I like it. The walls of lush foliage give a sense of mystery beyond the point of civilization. It makes you wonder, what is out there? Without even knowing it, you're already wanting adventure. Well, that's just perfect now isn't it, considering you are in Adventureland.

If it's excitement you're looking for, you'll find it hidden beneath the foliage in a secluded temple that remains the source of peril and terror for many explorers. There is one experienced and seriously strong archaeologist however, that can get your through it. No, seriously. Think about it. Continuously holding back those gigantic stone doors, hanging from a rope 24/7. Dr. Jones has his work cut out for him. I'm just saying, lay off the roids Indy.

Disneyland - Indiana Jones

Photo by Kevin Crone

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On May 1, 2013 at 8:24 AM , Joey James said...

Odd things catch my eye in pictures. For this one it's whatever is blurred in the bottom left hand corner. It just looks really beautiful. If you don't mind criticism, I'd say this photo is a little too sharp. I would have softened it up. Impressive shot nonetheless! :)