July 13, 2010

Daily Photo Tour - Prove It

Let me start first by saying, World of Color is absolutely breathtaking. I have seen the show three times, and every time is like the first. The sheer size of the show is amazing. This being my first post in a long string of World of Color Photos this week, I wanted to post my favorite part of the show. So If you haven't seen the show yet, stop reading, and just enjoy the picture (AKA SPOILER ALERT). This shot was taken during the Toy Story segment where Buzz and Woody are standing at the edge of the bed, and Buzz is trying to convince Woody he "can fly around the room with his eye's closed." It's a great use of the surprise tactic, and a GREAT transition to the next couple scenes. I really love the size of the fountains during this part of the show as it really shows off the technology. I have always loved the line that Woody has before Buzz takes his flight, "Ok Mr. lightbeer, prove it." And oh, he does. And after he proves it, you'll be checking the top of the Maliboomer for your socks. Because they just got blown off!

World of Color at Disney California AdventurePhoto by Kevin Crone

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