May 17, 2011

Daily Photo Tour - The Staring Contest

Have you ever found yourself in a staring contest with an inanimate figure, somehow making yourself believe you can win? I love these seagulls. They totally crack me up, echoing "Mine, mine, mine!" For some reason, the silly side of me feels the need to argue with them, "No, it's mine!" I'm not sure exactly what "it" is but I'm pretty sure these guys will take just about anything they can get. And of course I don't win the staring contest or the argument because they're not about to stop and I'm at Disneyland. There are rides to be ridden and pictures to be taken and memories to be made. If I spent all day entertaining people by staring and arguing with these seagulls, Disney would have to make me a cast member and put me on the payroll.

Disneyland - Finding Nemo Submarine Seagulls
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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On May 19, 2011 at 12:12 AM , Jennie said...

Love these seagulls too. They are so funny and remind me of the movie which just reminds me how clever Disney is in all they do.