October 5, 2011

The Passing of an Innovator

Already the world seems a little less bright with the passing of Steve Jobs today. Steve Jobs was an innovator whose impact on the world is immeasurable. I happened upon an amazing speech he made at a Stanford University graduation that I wanted to share with you. It's 15 minutes if you have them to spare and well worth it - Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address.

Pixar also put out a statement well worth a read that can be found here.

Daily Photo Tour - An Afternoon at the Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is one of those facets of Disney that makes it so unique. All of the Disneyland Resort hotels have a way of continuing to immerse you in a dreamy, magical atmosphere. I have never personally stayed at the Disneyland hotel (which I hope to change very soon) but that doesn't stop me from spending time there. There's art and theming throughout the public areas to keep your interest for hours if you've got the time to spare. Steakhouse 55 is always a wonderful option for a delicious meal outside the Parks. Trader Sams will make you feel as though you've stepped ashore somewhere between the Jungle Cruise and the Tiki Room. All in all, it's a welcome and exciting excursion.

An Afternoon at the Disneyland Hotel
Photo by Matthew Hansen

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