March 6, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Walt's Fire Wagon

If there is anything I've learned from difficult things, it's that if you love what you're doing, the difficult part seems to fade away. Photographing Disneyland is difficult. I love the two so much, I sometimes forget how difficult it can be. I find that the more and more I get caught up in what I love doing, the ideas and things I'm trying to express actually come out and manifest themselves into something tangible and something that I can connect with people on. This process is so amazing.

For me, The Disneyland Fire Station in the morning light brings back some of my most vivid memories of Disneyland. To even begin to explain this to someone with the detail, imagery, and feelings I carry is nearly impossible. So when I sat down to work on this picture I really wanted to convey exactly how I see Disneyland. I try to do this with all my pictures, but when I finish, I've never had the feeling like I did when I finished this one. This is truly how I see Disneyland.

Disneyland - Fire Station
Photo by Kevin Crone

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