September 18, 2012

Daily Photo Tour - Space Mountain: A Rite of Passage

I can't imagine Disneyland without Space Mountain. It's always been that one ride that dominates the skyline. At night it becomes even more of a spectacle with its futuristic glow. I've always noticed that this ride seems to be some sort of rite of passage for many. It probably could take the title as most intimidating ride at Disneyland. Riding pitch black through space in a rocket ship is quite a feat, I can't think of any reasons why Space Mountain isn't so intimidating.

I have several memories of trips to Disneyland, and friends chickening out to ride. I do remember a specific trip that almost my whole family went on. The day was pretty much a marathon of rides, with the exception of Space Mountain. By sun down, the group had split up, and I headed through the park with my two uncles, and my cousin. It wasn't until the very end of the night they decided to take my cousin and I on Space Mountain. Now this definitely wasn't my first ride on Space Mountain, but it was for my cousin. He tried every single excuse in the book, but this time it was just us guys, and one mountain to conquer. We eventually talked him into it, and when he got off, he couldn't be happier. Watching him go through the process of pure fear, to complete joy and excitement was definitely inspiring. And pretty darn hilarious.

Disneyland - Space Mountain at night glowing
Photo by Kevin Crone

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